Agni Mudra

To Reduce Cholesterol levels & Extra Fat of the Body

Mudras plays an important role in human metabolism if we do them regularly.

Today I am going to Explain about Agni Mudra which is usefull to Reduce Cholesterol levels & Extra Fat of the Body

How To Do

You should do it in Empty Stomuch

By folding the ring finger at the base of thumb and pressing it with the thumb at the second phalange.

Keep the rest of the three fingers straight and perform it in sitting position only.


Keep it for at least 15 minutes at a stretch and 2-3 times daily to observe the results.

One must discontinue performing this mudra in case of acidity, heart burn, indigestion.

Caution: One must not perform it full stomach, only perform it empty stomach.


  • Helps dissolving extra fat of the body by balancing the metabolic rate, prevents and controls obesity.
  • Burns the excess phlegm
  • Compensates for sluggish digestion
  • Helps to increase body strength
  • Reduces tension
  • Very effective in reducing increased cholesterol levels
  • Provides heat and energy to the body, so excellent to do in winters.
    Decreases earth element in the body