October’s Beauty Wish Box

October’s Beauty Wish Box.


Application “Nirbhaya“ (Spl Mobile App for Girls)

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Now days if a girl/ lady/ woman goes out she should take care of herself in all possible ways, there might be a problem around her that will come to her in any form.

After the recent incidents like “Nirbhaya Case, New Delhi” a lot of girls and women started taking safety measures when she goes out. In those Mobile phone is the one of that. . A lot of applications float the Play store /App store / windows market which help with the safety of women. Application “Nirbhaya “ is one of the app which is available for all mobile.


For Android : “Nirbhayafrom play store



For Windows : “Nirbhaya“ from windows store / market place


For iPhone: “SOS- Be Fearless “ from iOS


This app can be used in any type of emergency to protect women, children and your near and dears using a “Single” click Distress signal.

How it works:

Sends an alert through SMS or phone call or Facebook Post with the  location to the configured group through GPS

Can be used in case of attempted molestation, accident, family emergency or any other ‘customizable’ emergency alert called ‘Scream’ through pre-defined text message. Theusers of Nirbhaya are also required to submit personal details such as residential address, blood group and emergency contact numbers

Users can configure their own list of contacts including police and other close relatives and friends.

The application is simple to use, thus even people with basic knowledge use of applications will be able to use NIRBHAYA app

Shake to alert is a brilliant feature, and will be helpful if the distressed has few seconds or is seriously injured

The accuracy of location provided by Nirbhaya app is pretty accurate

The user can store the number of police, hospitals and emergency numbers; which can inform these numbers quickly

overall, the app looks promising and should cater to all categories of people

You can down load this application from http://www.mdefence.in

So, Friend you must have this app in your mobile device.

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Sthitha Pragna



Streax Pro Hair Serum

Hi Ladies

Today I am going to review about Streax Pro Hair Serum.

As My hair is wavy type, I will try to make my hairstraight always. But Thank to God, though my hair is wavy it is not tangled or frizzed. But I love to use hair serum to keep it shine and smooth.

Here are some snaps




Rupees 160/- for 100 ml

What it Contains

Cyclomethicone , Dimethiconol , Light Liquid Parraffin , Ocyl methoxy Cinnamate , Iso Propyl Myristate , Perfume , Vitamin E , Almond Oil

What It Claims

Gives you frizz free satin smooth hair. The ultimate frizz-free formula instantly seals silky smoothness into hair cuticles. Enriched with Vitamin E smoothens rough and damaged strands to make them shiny and frizz-free”


It is a transperant liquid come in green colour bottle with pump dispencer. Very usefull to control the amount to be used.



Take sufficient quantity into the palm and apply into damp hair after shampooing and let it dry.

Picture1 b b

As it contains Vitamine E and Almond oil it is very usefull for hair and has nice smell.


Above picture shows that it gives shiny effect but its not turned my wavy hair to smooth (As I expected)


Travel friendly pack

Nice smell

Affordable price

Gives shiny look

makes hair tangle free



Not suits for oil scalp

My rating: 3 / 5

Will I purchase again: No, I will find another serum which works better on my wavy hair.

Patanjali Divya Kantilep

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Hi Every One
Toady I am going to review about My favorite product “Divya Kantilep” from the well known brand Patanjali. As you people know that Patanjali is Ram Dev Baba’s
2 months back suddenly I got acne ,and tried many home remedies & products too.. But No results. On the way of office I found patanjali store and went there. I asked the lady to suggest any product to reduce the Acne. She gave me this. The price of this is very low 50 gm for Rs/- 60.
Let me share the pics of that  


What it contains

It is a brown coloured powder looks like very small granular particles. 
Each 5 gm contains
I used to mix the powder with rose water . We can mix with raw milk or curd also
I will keep this pack on my face about 15 – 20 min and washed off.
I used this nearly about one month.. I kept alternative days
I found very good results on my skin. Acne almost reduced. I love this product.
Very low price
Effectively working on Acne
No chemicals added, Only herbals
Easily applied on face 
Available only at Patanjali stores
Some times it smells bad (though it contains many spices)
My Rating : 4.5 / 5
Will I purchase Again

Beauty Tips (Simple & Home made)

Beauty Tips (1 – 5)

Honey is ultra moisturizing. 

1. It is a great moisturizer and can fight infections and acne and keep skin soft and super moisture. Just slather it on and leave it on for up to five minutes and then rinse off. Honey can be used almost everyday on the face. 

2. Take same amount of rose water,lemon juice & honey,mix all the three and apply it for 15 minutes,then wash with cold water. It will super moisturize your skin.

 3. Take equal quantity of banana Paste : Honey : curd. Mix them and apply on the skin for 15 – 20 min and washed off.

4. Apply pomegranate juice daily on your face after 1 month u will get soft and glowing skin.


5Mix a few fresh rose petals in raw milk & crush them into a paste. Then add a little honey to it & apply on your cheeks every morning for five minutes.
Beautiful skin is the God’s Gift. 
Drink plenty of water,   avoid fast food and have sound sleep.
Hope U like it..
Please comment your Opinions