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Today I going to review about “The Nature’s Co” .

I got this sample in October Beauty Wish Box from The Nature’s Co.

Usually I am a very big fan to hair care products, Love to use them.

Product Description:

It has come in cylindrical plastic tube with cap. The quantity of the product was not mention on the tube. The powder is just like Henna but not fine powder, contains granules like substances

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The Product contains:

Ingredients: Amla Powder,Rosemary Powder ,Hibiscus Powder, Methi Powder.

Price: Rs – 1095/- for 125 gms

What it Claims:

Acts as a natural conditioner; Gives shine; It stimulates hair follicles, prevents hair loss, premature graying & dandruff; Rosemary prevents thinning hair and hair loss

For Silky Shiny Hair

Amla is a natural conditioner, gives shine to hairs. It stimulates hair follicles, prevents hair loss, premature graying & dandruff.

Rosemary prevents thinning hair and hair loss. It fights against premature graying and can gradually darken existing gray hair.

Hibiscus prevents hair loss, enhances hair growth, discourages split ends, thickens hair & prevents premature graying of hair.

Methi prevents dandruff, hair fall, promotes hair growth. It tones up the hair and the hair becomes silky and shiny.

Method of Application – Apply before bath for 15-30 minutes, rinse off with water. Then wash your hair with a shampoo followed by a conditioner.

I applied total quantity for my hair, and left my hair for 1 hour, then I shampooed my hair.

It was really a damn super product, My thick rough and wavy hair become so soft after using this.


Conditioned the hair

Easy to wash off

Nice fragrance

Hair becomes smooth & soft


Mainly Price. That is too costly for 125 gm / Rs – 1095/-

Will I purchase again:

May be. (50/50 chances)

You can get this product from here

Product Source

I got this product from My October Beauty Wish Box, Did U subscribed for December Beauty Wish Box, Book here http:/

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