My Hand Made Crafts (By Siri)

By Siri’s Siri

Hi Beauties,

Thanks to you to spare a time to see my Crafts

I love  crafts & I love to make Crafts

These are some of My Hand Made Crafts

Decorative Diya:

Foam sheet with full of hand made paper roses


Kundan Diya Decoration:

1380155_350288391782401_450144476_n 1381238_351736361637604_1269304942_n

Designer Candle

1392863_359875814156992_981205887_n 1470284_359875787490328_321691265_n

Stocking Flowers

47037_306602819484292_51273841_n 1098164_306602836150957_1498993599_n

Love Pillow (Felt)


Tissue Paper Flower wase


Hand Made Greeting


Handmade Fashion Earrings


Thank U friends

You can reach me at

Thank u


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